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The Preschool Your Kids Will Love!

Life is busy for parents and full of distractions for kids. Your preschooler will love our engaging learning activities. They will be academically and socially ready to meet the challenges of kindergarten.


Enroll Your Child In Three Easy Steps


Schedule An Interview

Have a short 20 minute call with us to get all your questions answered.


Select A Class That Is Right For You

After your tour, we can help you pick a class schedule that works best for you and your child.

Mon. Wed. Fri. 9AM-12PM | $240/mo

Mon. Wed. Fri. 9AM-2PM | $340/mo

Tues. Thurs. 9AM-12PM | $180/mo

Schedule An Interview


Watch Your Child Love Learning

In a matter of days your child will be learning the skills to get ready for kindergarten

My Friend Mary’s Preschool Difference

High Energy Learning

Preschoolers have lots of energy. The best way to engage their minds is through play and movement. Every day will be an adventure in high energy learning activities! Your preschooler will love to learn.

Our Teachers Love Preschoolers

Mary has worked with and taught children for nearly two decades. We pick only the best teachers who connect with kids.

Empower Parents

You are your preschoolers hero. Parents need extra support these days. You can take advantage of practical courses, or receive FREE parenting resources. We invest in you so that you can invest in your preschooler.


Downloadable Resources For Parents

What Parents Are Saying

“We registered our daughter for kindergarten today and the teacher complimented her on her knowledge and asked what preschool she went too! I told the teacher about My Friend Mary’s Preschool, and that we drive from Boise to Meridian because we love you so much.”

“We are so very grateful for My Friend Mary’s Preschool. You give so generously to our child in so many ways. Your dedication is appreciated, and the love our daughter feels from you is something we could never thank you enough for.”

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful learning environment that our son LOVES!”