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Our teachers love preschoolers

“Some people dream of meeting their heroes. I teach mine!” -Mary

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Our Teachers

Mary Hanselman
Mary HanselmanDirector
The only thing I love more than teaching is learning!! I have spent the past two decades engaged in the classroom and am astonished at the difference a focused teacher can make in the life of a child. Even so, I truly believe the most awe-inspiring lessons I learn are taught to me by my students every day!

My background is in Deaf Education (yes, I am fluent in sign language). In the profound words of Anne Sullivan, the teacher of Hellen Keller, “Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction”. It is my goal to understand and reach each individual student based on their unique needs.

My first students were my own three children, who are now energetic, enjoyable teenagers. My husband, Jason, and I boast of nearly a quarter century of marital bliss and love working together to provide a successful, fun learning environment for your preschool child. We love parenting together as a team and hope to inspire you to become confident parents as well!

Michele Hatke
Michele HatkeTeacher
When I was studying for my degree in Education, I knew I would enjoy teaching. Then that moment happened… the special moment every teacher hopes for. There is a delightful time when a student’s eyes widen as they suddenly realize “I get it!” “I can read!” “I can do it!”. I love being present at that light bulb moment!

Miss Mary and I met several years ago when we were teaching colleagues in the Boise school district and have been friends in education ever since. There is something special when coworkers become friends. When teachers work well together, the whole school succeeds. Art is my forte and my goal is to bring creativity to the classroom for your young artist to explore.

Recently I have been raising my three boys with my high school sweetheart and husband of nine years. Every day in our house in an adventure and life learning experience. Your child will experience many happy milestones at My Friend Mary’s Preschool, and I can’t wait to share in learning adventures with your kiddos.

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