Five Ways to Build Confidence in Your Preschooler

The Importance of Eye Contact

The direct connection made between parent and infant through eye contact becomes an essential communication skill in every stage of life. Encourage eye contact in your child by providing it yourself. Kneeling at your preschooler’s eye level naturally builds confidence in your child as you attentively listen.

Building Trust

A parent demonstrates trust when they allow their child to take on personal responsibility. Giving a three-year- old a special job to do like making the bed or putting their toys in the toy box allows them to gain confidence through purposeful work. Praising your child for a job well done shows them they are trustworthy in their tasks.

Empowering a Can-Do Attitude

As your child experiences the joy of a job well done, they realize they can do lots of things! Stay positive and be sure to demonstrate how you would like the chairs to be wiped off, how to hold a broom, pick up trash from the car floor, or feed the dog. It is a lot of hard work to train a little one to do simple tasks but empowering a “can-do” attitude builds confidence as well as self-discipline.

Be Happy

Your child’s deepest desire is to please you. Make sure you let them know you are happy with them, and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Point out mistakes you might make, too, and let them know everyone makes mistakes. When a child has a happy outlook, they gain confidence and are not afraid to face future challenges.

Unconditional Love

A child’s personality can be seen almost immediately. Some kids are extroverts and process out loud, while others are more introverted and learn by quiet observation. Don’t mistake introversion or shyness for lack of confidence. In fact, most introverts are comfortable in their own skin – they just don’t want it touching someone else’s. Playing alone or desiring “me” time can be healthy and a very loving choice for an introvert. On the other hand, extroverts may appear confident, but may lack self-esteem. Provide lots of love and quality time with your sociable one.

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